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Can Reiki and Crystals Help Heal & Balance Your Pets?

Updated: 4 days ago

Is your pet in a funk? Not feeling well, or possibly a recent medical procedure?

Using crystals and Reiki is a great way to boost, open or unblock any of the chakras in your cat's or dog's body. Yes, you read that correctly! Even animals have chakras/energy centers.

Do monitor your stones in case your pet decides to lick or try to put a stone in his/her mouth.


Before using the crystals for healing, it’s wise to make sure they are "cleansed" so they are "pure and clean" for use and to eliminate any past energy they may have absorbed through sitting on a shelf, in a shop, past use, etc. While I don’t feel this is absolutely necessary because these gifts have gone through a great deal of pressure, water and other earthly stressors, it's a practice you’ll hear while learning.

Below you will find a variety of stones for your pet chakras but, if I may be honest, the clear quartz is the master crystal and can be used at any chakra point. Amethyst is a soothing stone so with these two, you would have a solid start.

Recommended Crystals for Your Cat's and Dog's Chakras

Working from the root chakra up, place the stones near to the chakra points and close to the body, so you create almost an outline of stones around your cat or dog.

  • Root Chakra (Represented by the color red) - governs the intestines, gut, hips, hind legs and muscular-skeletal system.

         Crystals - Ruby, Red Jasper, Red Garnet, Hematite, Carnelian.

  • Sacral Chakra (color orange) - governs the kidneys, adrenal glands, reproductive system and lymphatic system

            Crystals - Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Amber.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (color yellow) - governs the digestive tract, stomach and liver

         Crystals - Golden Tiger's Eye, Amber, Citrine, Yellow Aventurine

  • Heart Chakra (color green) - governs heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland

         Crystals - Green Nephrite, Jade, Green Aventurine, Emerald

  • Throat Chakra (color blue) - governs the throat, mouth, teeth and jaw.

         Crystals - Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Blue Quartz, Blue Topaz

  • Third Eye (Brow) Chakra (color indigo) - governs the head in general, pineal gland, natural body rhythms, and higher mental self. This is the animals intuition.

           Crystals - Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Fluorite Amethyst

  • Crown Chakra (color violet) - governs the brain, pituitary gland, skin, spine, central and autonomic nervous system, and craniosacral system.

          Crystals - Amethyst, Lepidolite, Azestulite, Sugilite, Celestina

  • Brachial Chakra (color black) - primary 'Major' chakra – healing should start at this chakra. It links all other Major chakras and is the centre for the animal-human bonding. Governs the chest, neck, forelimbs and head.

           Crystals - Black Tourmaline (if the animal is reluctant to connect) Herkimer Diamond, Tiger's Eye, Obsidian.

Using Massage or Reiki to Help Align Your Pet's Charkas

If you don't want to use crystals with your pet's chakras you can do some simple massaging or no touch Reiki to help open up and balance the chakras.  Gently stroking the animal is sometimes sufficient.

For a massage, locate each chakra using the diagrams above.

Start with the Brachial Chakra as it's the link to all other Major chakras and is the center for the animal-human bonding. Using the pads of both your thumbs gently massage around the shoulder in circular movements moving the energy outwards over the shoulder joint. Then move to the root chakra and start working your way through the chakras using the circular technique.

The pressure should be no more than as if you were massaging a baby, so the pet should feel it but it shouldn't be a deep tissue massage unless you're experienced in animal deep tissue massage therapy. Remember, animals are incredibly susceptible to the energies so a light massage is normally enough to begin re-balancing the chakras.

Once you've worked your way through the chakras or just worked on a few that are out of flow, it's a good idea to ground your cat or dog afterward with these four simple steps:

1. Gently run your index and middle finger from the tip of your cat or dog's nose up the middle of their forehead then over their head, opening up your hands to take the energy out to the tips of their ears flicking out any unwanted energy.

2. Gently run your index and middle finger from the tip of your cat or dog's nose up the middle of their forehead then over their head, going around the backs of the ears this time and opening up your hands to take the energy out onto their shoulder blades, then down to the tip of the front paws. Hold for a few seconds then toss away any negative energy.

3. As above but you'll bring your hands as far as the hind legs going all the way down to the tips of the back paws.

4. Lastly and this should always end any chakra session, is to run your hands from the tip of the nose, following the line of the spine to the tip of the tail and toss out any unwanted energy from the tip of the tail. Depending on how your pet is responding, it's nice to work hand over hand and repeat this three times.

Using Essential Oils for Balancing Animal's Chakras

Essential oils used through a water-based diffuser can also help with re-balancing your pet's energies. You can have this on throughout the day or use them only while doing your reiki chakra healing. 

Please read how to properly use essential oils with your pet before starting as they are incredibly powerful so they can be toxic for your pet if not used correctly or if you're not using a high-quality oil. 

Essential oils should never be applied topically to cats and only to dogs if they want it - you'll know they'll want it applied topically if they try to lick the bottle. 

Have the room ventilated so your pet can move away from the oil if it becomes too much. 

Cats and dogs are so instinctive when it comes to their energies that you'll quickly see your pet working with the oils by either moving closer or further away depending on their need.


  • Root Chakra  - Sandalwood or Frankincense 

  • Sacral Chakra - Rosemary, Bergamot or Sandalwood

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Basil, Lemon, Ginger, Fennel, Bergamot

  • Heart Chakra  - Sandalwood or Sage

  • Throat Chakra - Lavender or Bergamot

  • Third Eye (Brow) Chakra - Peppermint or Sandalwood

  • Crown Chakra - Frankincense or Lavender

Using Flower Essence Waters for Balancing Pet chakras

  • Root Chakra - Apple Blossom, Rose, Sweet Chestnut, Oak or Olive

  • Sacral Chakra - use Hibiscus, Iris, Mimulus

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Dandelion, Evening Primrose or Sweet Pea

  • Heart Chakra - Apple Blossom, White Magnolia or Lavender

  • Throat Chakra - Morning Glory, Violet or Lilac

  • Third Eye (Brow) Chakra - Cat's ear, Queen of the Night or Passion Flower

  • Crown Chakra - Orchid, Lotus, Cat's Ear or Fig

Some of the best ways to open up or re-balance chakras for either yourself or your pet can be through using crystals, massage, essential oils and flower essences. 

If you would like to book a session for your pet, feel free to contact us at


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