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Aura Imaging Analysis




Our software is unique in that not only will you receive a printed color photo, you will also receive a comprehensive report emailed to you showing your unique aura patterns.


Aura photography is a technique that aims to capture and visualize the energy field or aura surrounding the body of a human or animal. All living beings emit an electromagnetic field or energy that can be captured and represented in a photograph. A specialized hand sensor is used to measure the electrical conductivity of the skin. These measurements are then translated into colors and patterns representing the individual’s aura. The resulting photograph shows a colorful, halo-like field surrounding the body.

These colors and patterns in the aura can provide insights into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Different colors are associated with different qualities or states of being and the patterns and intensity of the colors can indicate various aspects of the energy and health of the individual.

Our aura reading machine technology visualizes aura-chakra-energy of the 7 major chakras.
The human energy  system consists mainly of seven major energy points (known as chakras) These chakras are located along the spine; the root, sacral , solar plexus, heart , throat , brow or third eye, and crown chakra.  Each energy center influences a different area of the body.   The energy from these points is what energy practitioners utilize in most major forms of therapy.

Depending on the technique used, energy practitioners may call this energy by different names. However, they are all referring to the same force which is source or scalar energy.  When the chakra system is out of balance it may cause some discomfort. The main purpose of most energy balancing techniques is to restore the balance within each energy point with the goal of reducing stress, restoring energy and alleviating physical and emotional pain.




The chakra analysis includes detailed descriptions of the energy centers and their functions. Your chakra system is shown on a full body image that includes your entire biofield.  The percentage of which your major energy centers are active is measured reflected in bar graphs. An energy practitioner may use this information to identify areas of imbalance faster than usual, allowing more time to focus on balancing.

This is processed by proprietary software to show a detailed representation of the aura colors, chakras and other energetic readings.   Aura color interpretation is dynamic as there can be multiple colors that are reflected in an aura photo. 



































We have specialized “paw plates” to read the aura of the pet. Since pets can’t speak, it is often helpful to see where the energy imbalances might be and subsequent therapies such as Color Light Therapy and Reiki can show resulting change in real time.

Looking for a fun and unique experience? Bring a picnic lunch and join us at our center near the Cumberland River!

Or, if you prefer, we can bring our equipment to you. Either way, we promise an unforgettable time.

*Ask about special rates for group events. Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Luncheons

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