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Biofeedback Sound Therapy

Biofeedback Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

This therapeutic practice uses tuning forks to harmonize the imbalances in a person’s biofield. The biofield is the energy field that surrounds and permeates the human body.  It is also referred to as a “torus”- a sphere with a spiraling central channel.

During a tuning fork session, various forks that resonate at a different frequency or hertz are used to comb through the biofield and into the Chakra energy centers. I use forks based on the Solfeggio scale.

The biofield holds memory as matter and with the use of the forks, we can bring coherence, allowing the energy centers to absorb and process this matter. This will elicit a mental and/or physical response.

In 3-12 sessions, depending on the trauma, pain or disharmony, one can find great relief and the ability to move through or get past old matter that has been a drag on the energy system.

The use of sound in therapeutic settings has been found to aid the treatment of a range of trauma- related issues, such as PTSD, physical pain, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and even addiction.


The following forks are used in the biofield:

174 hz                               Relieves pain and stress and improves concentration – good for chronic pain

417 hz                               Undoing situations and facilitating change –  good for healing trauma

528 hz                               Transformation and miracles – the love hz- profound effect on our healing


The following forks are used at the ears as “binaural beats”:

54..81/62.64 hz               The Schumann pair – together, these forks represent the Schumann resonance

                                           7.83 hz


89/144 hz                         The Fibonacci pair – together, these forks represent the golden ratio or “Phi”

the unfolding patterns of nature – think of the snail shell, sunflower, pine cones

                                           1.618 hz

Much of my biofeedback work has been done remotely. I have worked with many over the telephone and have had proven results. 

Coleen CO

I cannot recommend Misty Humphrey enough, she is such an amazing, loving, gifted healer.  Her calm and loving presence relaxes my nervous system almost immediately - which normally is a difficult task - and has been one crucial step to allow my body to heal. 

Tiffani CA

I've had a LOT of energy work done over the years. Some has been good, some has been ok. I myself do energy work on myself and others. I can honestly say that Misty is one of the most talented energy workers I have ever met. Every time I receive a session from her I can feel my body responding during the treatment and sometimes days afterwards. She is crystal clear in her work.

Jane B CA

Misty is absolutely incredible. I have been working with Misty off and on since 2011. She actively listens to your concerns and makes a comprehensive plan for treatment. She has helped me pre and post pregnancy and also works on my children. Her work is unparalleled. She is truly an artisan and I am so glad to have found her.

Kristin M FL

Misty is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I've met in my life. I worked with her for several months and had some huge shifts in my health! She's a gifted healer, and I highly recommend her services to those that need it.

Mary S IN

I have to admit when Misty offered me a distance Chakra session to help with my anxiety, I was skeptical. Was she really going to be able to help me over the phone? What did I have to lose? I have anxiety and depression and after just one session, I felt like a different person. It's difficult to explain...I've heard people talk about zen, yet awake feeling but I've never experienced it. I did experience it during my session and it lasted for several days. I'm a believer and I'm so glad I found Misty. I look forward to my time."

Kimberly T UT

I feel very blessed to know Misty. She is such a wealth of knowledge. It is amazing how these "remote crystal sessions" are working for me. I have been dealing with various health challenges for over 30 years and can really say that I feel the energy in my body. I have had neuropathy and just high anxiety for so long. Misty has such a calm and positive approach that he energy transference is readily felt. I literally feel like I have been deflated in a good way. All that crazy tingling just dissolves. I would highly recommend her and will continue to utilize her intuitive gifts." 
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