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Grocery Shopping Tour

Join me for a personalized grocery tour where we'll explore healthy shopping and learn to read labels. I'll share my knowledge and tips on how to make informed choices when it comes to food and nutrition. Contact me today to schedule your tour!

Woman Shopping for Groceries

At Happy Hollow Energetics, we believe that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling life. Join us on our Shopping Tour to learn how to make conscious choices about your food. We will guide you through the grocery store as we teach you how to read labels, make healthy choices, and find alternatives to accommodate special diets. Our holistic nutrition services are designed to empower you to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Let us help you achieve your health and nutrition goals today. 

Groups Welcome


3358 Lawson Bottom Rd

Burkesville, KY 42717


Tony 707-480-2169

Misty 707-478-3071



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