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Tony & Misty Humphrey

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Our Story

Tony & Misty Humphrey are best friends, business partners and have been married for 36 years.

As friends and business partners, we have together developed mutual respect, professionalism and love for life in everything we do.

In our quest for a healthier lifestyle, we began with food and nutrition transitioning to a whole food lifestyle with an emphasis on sustainable dietary habits that nourish our bodies.

It’s no coincidence that our dietary education led us to the physical and emotional.


We were on a quest to decrease our exposure to the harmful radiation of many types when we stumbled across Shungite, grounding and the ability to manipulate the energy field in a variety of ways.

Digging into the information shifted our lives and has allowed us to not only understand ourselves but to assist others in self-discovery of living a more holistic lifestyle.

So often, our chronic pain, digestive distress, lack of immunity, depression and anxiety can be overcome with a “shift” in the energy field.

While we both bring value to our differing degrees of study and application, Misty works in the energy field while Tony provides you with a comprehensive report of findings from the energy field also known as the biofield or aura through modern scanning techniques using human computer interfacing technology.

We travel to a variety of expos and trade shows and bring our equipment right to your home. 

Plan your next party with aura photography and watch the vibe raise the roof! 


Helping others is our passion and the essence of

being a good human 

707-478-3071 or 707-480-2169

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